Beach Wedding? 5 Reasons You Need Nautical Jewelry


Are you planning a beach wedding? Top off this unique and romantic style of nuptials with the perfect accessories: nautical jewelry pieces. Why go to this extra length instead of choosing more traditional jewelry? Here are a few of the best reasons.   1. Nautical Jewelry Ties In Your Look Certain weddings and wedding locations call for more attention to the theme and style. Beach weddings are one of these. You go to a lot of work to craft the best beach venue, but what about your personal look?

14 November 2022

A Quick Guide To Selling Gold Achievement Jewlery


Achievement jewelry comes in many forms. You may receive an anniversary pin for a specific amount of years at a job. You may have a gold class ring that showcases accomplishments at school. You may receive a special medal or necklace for winning a competition. The jewelry pieces may have special meaning, but they could also net you some cash if you sell them.  Follow this quick guide to learn how to sell gold for cash, still celebrate your achievements, and keep memories of your honors for years to come.

17 August 2022

Tops Ways To Customize An Engagement Ring


There are many different styles of engagement rings out there these days. But sometimes, buying a ring off the rack does not feel personal enough. You may want to look into ways to personalize the ring and make it your own. Here are some top ways to consider personalizing your engagement ring. Add your birthstones. Years ago, most engagement rings included diamonds. Lately, however, rings with alternative gemstones have become popular.

13 June 2022

What Is The Best Anniversary Gift? Ask These Questions Before You Visit The Jewelry Store


Are you searching for a standout anniversary gift? Your wife deserves the best—and you want to celebrate years of your love and devotion with something special. Take a look at what you need to know about gemstones, metals, designs, and your other jewelry store options. Should You Choose A Ring? Your wife might already have two rings, but does this mean she doesn't want another one? Even if your spouse has a wedding ring and an engagement ring, they may be looking to add to their collection with an anniversary ring.

8 March 2022