Beach Wedding? 5 Reasons You Need Nautical Jewelry


Are you planning a beach wedding? Top off this unique and romantic style of nuptials with the perfect accessories: nautical jewelry pieces. Why go to this extra length instead of choosing more traditional jewelry? Here are a few of the best reasons.  

1. Nautical Jewelry Ties In Your Look

Certain weddings and wedding locations call for more attention to the theme and style. Beach weddings are one of these. You go to a lot of work to craft the best beach venue, but what about your personal look? Easily tie it into your beach theme by styling it with starfish, shells, anchors, fish, boats, or other thematic jewelry. This one addition may be all you need.

2. Nautical Jewelry Can Be Symbolic

Use the vast array of symbolism available in nautical designs during your ceremony, vows, or reception toasts. Anchors may symbolize how your partner grounds and gives you stability. Romantic shells from afar might represent how you came from distant places to find each other. Or your fiancé could be the compass that guides you through the oceans of life. 

3. Nautical Jewelry Is a Great Heirloom

Its unique look and story make a piece of beach-inspired jewelry the perfect heirloom item. Future generations will always know where the jewelry came from. It will stand out in your collection and it will have more sentimental value due to its unusual and immediately recognizable design. 

4. Nautical Jewelry Makes Good Gifts

Not sure what to give your attendants? By using the beach theme as inspiration, you'll find a myriad of weird, wild, or wonderful jewelry accessories to give as thank-you gifts. Make it particularly special by gifting personalized designs with a story that connects them to your friendship with each person. 

5. Nautical Jewelry Is Memorable

Most brides and grooms want their wedding to stand out in the memory of their loved ones and guests. But in a world full of diamond studs and heart necklaces, how can your jewelry provide a more interesting and memorable look? A stunning starfish or conch shell hair ornament, shell pendant, or sand dollar drop earrings make a big impact even when they cost less than traditional gems. 

Where to Learn More

Could one or more pieces of nautical jewelry take your beach wedding over the top? If so, start by learning more about its designs, choices, pricing, and variety.

Visit a jeweler to learn more about nautical jewelry


14 November 2022

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