Wholesale Hole Fill: Use Wholesale Jewelry To Boost Your Beauty Business


Adding an extra element of value to your business is a great way to attract customers who were previously on the fence about becoming a customer. If you add something extra into your business that customers enjoy, they may slant towards giving you a chance and buying one of your products. There are ways to add value to any beauty based business that does not add too much money to your bottom line. Here are some ways that you can purchase lots of inexpensive whole sale jewelry and turn it into a profit for your company. 

Add them as a surprise to your bath products

If you create bath products such as bath bombs and soaps, you can easily add a small piece of jewelry into the mix, such as a ring, earrings, or a necklace without disrupting the flow of the product. If you are concerned about the jewelry disrupting the pattern of your soap or bath bomb, you can put the jewelry piece inside of a small jewelry holder, similar to the holder that you  a would see in a jewelry dispensing machine. This bonus will help encourage people to continuously use your product until they get to the jewelry, which will give them long enough to see positive results from your product. 

Add matching jewelry pieces to your clothing sales

If you sell clothing, you may consider adding an accessory or an accessory set to all clothing orders. Providing matching jewelry to outfit pieces can help your customers with convenience and offer added value to the clothing sets that you sell. With wholesale jewelry available, you can also have your customers complete a survey about their clothing style, and select jewelry pieces that will fit into their wardrobe overall. Providing a service that provides extra value and extra customer service based on surveys can help with customer attraction and retention. 

Mommy and me jewelry sets for fine jewelry

If you own a fine jewelry store, you may be interested in offering mommy and me sets for the little girl who wants to dress up to look like her mom. While moms may not be interested in buying expensive fine jewelry for a young girl, you may be interested in inexpensive add on sets that can operate as play jewelry for a younger daughter. If you sell jewelry to women who are of childbearing age, offering mommy and me jewelry may bring you more moms and bring you a name as a family business. 

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29 June 2016

A Special Gift for a Sweet Mother-In-Law

A few days ago, my mother-in-law’s dad passed away. This sweet man lived a long, full life. He was ninety-one-years-old when he died. At his funeral, my mother-in-law told me she liked the ruby, cross pendant I was wearing. Because I wanted to cheer this sweet woman up, I immediately came up with a plan. I decided to buy her a pendant like mine. Because this pendant was also available in sapphire, I decided to purchase this stone for my mother-in-law. Sapphire is her birthstone. On this blog, I hope you will discover the best types of jewelry items to buy for a mother-in-law. Enjoy!