When You Can't Put A Ring On It: Strategies For Showing You're Engaged Or Married When You Can't Wear Rings


If you and your partner want to get engaged or married, but you (one or both) don't like wearing rings or can't wear rings, you face a bit of a conundrum. While traditions are not always followed nowadays, the engagement or wedding ring is one that people still expect to see if you're actually getting engaged or married. However, there are strategies you can try and options you can look at if your health, your job, or your personal preference do not incorporate rings.

Option 1: Toughing It Out or Modifying the Ring

If you simply find rings uncomfortable, either because you don't like wearing them or because the rings cause chafing along the sides of neighboring fingers, one option is to try toughing it out and seeing if you can desensitize yourself to the feeling of the ring. It could also be that the rings you've been trying to wear are just too thick for the spaces between your fingers; in this case, if you haven't gotten your ring yet, try looking for one that is thinner than the ones you've tried to wear. If you already have your ring, talk to a jeweler about either modifying the band somehow, or possibly resetting the stone on another band.

Option 2: Using Another Body Part

If rings really aren't an option, maybe because your job requires that you remove them for hygiene reasons (and you don't like the increased risk of loss inherent in constantly removing your ring), or you have physical issues that prevent wearing rings, you can always look at other forms of jewelry for other body parts. Matching bracelets engraved with the engagement or wedding date and you and your partner's names can be a good substitute; many people opt to take a regular wedding ring and wear it as a necklace charm, too. The key is to make the jewelry obviously related to the engagement or marriage, because wearing something that looks like a random charm may not be as emotionally satisfying in the end.

Option 3: Showing How Confident You Are in the Marriage

If you and your partner are really confident that the marriage will last, there's always the tattoo option. Getting symbols tattooed on your ring fingers means you'll never have to worry about losing the ring, and hygiene, once the tattoo site has healed, will not be an issue. The drawback, of course, is that you and your partner will still have almost-permanent rings or symbols in the event of a breakup or divorce. Look into tattoos only if you're both confident about the marriage and willing to undergo laser removal if things don't turn out as you thought they would.

Still, before going that far, contact a few jewelry stores about options for modifying uncomfortable rings or using another piece of jewelry as your marriage symbol. You've got more options than you realize.


22 June 2016

A Special Gift for a Sweet Mother-In-Law

A few days ago, my mother-in-law’s dad passed away. This sweet man lived a long, full life. He was ninety-one-years-old when he died. At his funeral, my mother-in-law told me she liked the ruby, cross pendant I was wearing. Because I wanted to cheer this sweet woman up, I immediately came up with a plan. I decided to buy her a pendant like mine. Because this pendant was also available in sapphire, I decided to purchase this stone for my mother-in-law. Sapphire is her birthstone. On this blog, I hope you will discover the best types of jewelry items to buy for a mother-in-law. Enjoy!