3 Ways To Make Stacked Wedding Bands More Personal


One of the current trends for wedding rings involves stacking wedding bands. These wedding bands tend to be simple bands with diamonds or other precious stones in them and brides wear them on their own or combined with the engagement ring. They are often thinner and more intricate than traditional bands and the stacking of multiple bands allows you to mix together various metals and stones to create a unique look that truly represents your union. If you are looking for some ways to make the stacked band look more personal, you might want to try one of the following. 

Start With One Band and Add More For Major Life Events

One of the cool things about stacked wedding bands is that you can add more throughout your life. You can start with a single, simple band that matches your engagement ring on your wedding day. Then, for anniversaries, the births of children, or major life accomplishments, you and your partner can add additional bands to the arrangement. This makes the wedding band something that grows with your relationship and tells the story of you and your spouse. 

Add Colored Diamonds to Represent You, Your Partner, and Your Wedding Day 

Traditional white diamonds are often associated with wedding bands. However, diamonds come in a variety of colors, and with stacked bands you have the option of integrating more than one supporting color to your arrangement. For example, your first band may include your favorite color, your second band your spouse's favorite color, and your third band your wedding color. This way, you will always remember your relationship and your special day. 

Have Your Vows Engraved on Each Band 

Another way to personalize stacked bands is to have your vows engraved on the rings. Because of the small size of stacked bands, you may want to sum up each aspect of your vows into a single word. For example, one ring might say, "love," and the next, "cherish" or "faithful," until you describe each promise you make to your spouse on your wedding day. Then, throughout your marriage, if you are struggling with any of your vows, you can move that ring closest to your heart to help remind yourself of your promises, and focus on that aspect of your relationship. 

Stacked wedding rings have many options for customization and you can truly make your set a personal description of your relationship with your spouse. Talk to a company like  George Thompson Diamond Co about anything else you may be considering for your wedding band(s).


14 June 2016

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